The Jesus Cares camps are entirely volunteer run, and without these wonderful volunteers camp can't happen.


There are multiple ways that people can be part of the camp experience and here are some of the ways that anyone who wants to, can be a vital part of making camp happen.

Be AT Camp

There are numerous roles to be filled at camp, to fit all personalities for volunteers. 

The main role at camp is Counselor, working one on one with campers to help them participate and enjoy all aspects of camp. This includes everything from helping them with crafts and activities, to helping them get ready for bed and getting up on time in the morning.

If you're concerned that your schedule will not allow you to be at camp for the entire time, don't worry- in many cases we can accommodate your schedule so you can still be at camp and help with our campers.

Donate ITEMS

Many of the activities and crafts that we do at camp during free time are thanks to generous donations we have received. 

Leftover crafts from Vacation Bible School, Sunday, Sunday School, or even birthday parties make great free time crafts. 

We are also always on the lookout for gently used puzzles and board games. Puzzles under 1,000 pieces with no missing pieces are ideal, and board games with easy to understand rules are perfect for camp.

Beanie Babies, parade toys, and other little items are great for prizes for our Bingo games as well.

GIVE to Camp

We get it- sometimes it's hard to work around schedules and that may prevent you from being able to be at camp.

Monetary and financial donations are always welcome!

We are working on getting a donation button on the website, but in the meantime, if you would like to make a monetary donation, you can do so through a donation to the WELS Ministry for Special Needs.

Thrivent Action Grants are also a vital part of how we support camp every year. Speak to your Thrivent Counselor or contact us at to find out how to request a Thrivent Action Grant.