Welcome to Jesus Cares Camps!

Jesus Cares is a Ministry that serves people with developmental disabilities, sensory sensitivity needs, their families and care-givers. Jesus Cares provides Bible lessons, messaging and presentations that are designed specifically to encourage those that have these needs to be able to actively participate and understand God's Word.

Jesus Cares currently operates two Bible Camps- one at Camp Omega in Waterville, MN and one at Camp Green Lake in Spicer, MN. This year our camps are one full day, where campers get to enjoy fellowship, outdoor activities, crafts and most importantly- being in God's Word. (In a normal year the camps are each 3 days and 2 nights, but this year, we decided to only have one day with the option of the night before for those coming from a distance.)

To learn more about the WELS Ministry for Special Needs, Click Here, and if you have questions about camp, feel free to reach out to us on our Contact Page, or email us at jesuscarescamp@gmail.com.